Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Darwin's Down-Home Finger Collector Considered "Destructive"

Via Snowflakes in Hell, I find that pipe bombs are "not protected by the Second Amendment".

What the hell? High school wouldn't have been high school if we hadn't made pipe bombs. OK, maybe they do things differently in towns big enough to have a traffic light, but I don't see anything about traffic lights in the Constitution.

This is idiotic. You can't enforce it, and only an idiot would want to.


Anonymous said...

You are showing your age. Pipe bombs have been a no-no in high schools for a lonnnnngggggg time.

Gordon Freece said...

Yes, most states banned them around the time their respective residents discover fire. In Maine that was the mid-1980s, I think.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Maine was one of the first states with fire.

Gordon Freece said...

Sure, but it was well into the Molly Ringwald Age before they mastered using it to warm their caves.