Friday, January 02, 2009

...and annoyed.

Jeff Cooper quotes E.V. Howe, via somebody named Bill O'Connor:

"The government is mainly an expensive organization to regulate evil doers, and tax those who behave. Government does little for fairly respectable people, except annoy them."

That's actually wrong. The government doesn't regulate evildoers; it merely tries to. That is to say, it annoys them.

All government really does to anybody is annoy them. And invoice the fairly respectable ones for the service.


Anonymous said...

wow, what a title. so much anger.
don't get why anyone would use the word retard as slang knowing how much pain it causes.

Midget Launcher said...

The title is a joke about the quality of political discourse online. I thought it was a hell of a funny name for a political blog, not because I like making fun of retards, but because I like making fun of political bloggers who specialize in hostility and namecalling rather than serious discussion.

As for "retard", some people are bothered by it, and some not; my girlfriend has worked with retarded people professionally, and doesn't mind the term at all.

Midget Launcher said...

In any case, thanks for stopping by.

Midget Launcher said...

P.S. My girlfriend, her sympathy for retards notwithstanding, wouldn't want anybody to think she endorses this blog.

staghounds said...

I've often said that our work in law enforcement is to annoy and irritate criminals, so much so that my police officers have adopted the phrase "annoying crime". So true.